BBFW22-The dream place of future brides & grooms

BBFW22-The dream place of future brides & grooms

Who has never dreamed being part of a fashion week, taking pictures of the models, who parade on the runway, or just seeing all these beautiful pieces of “haute couture” worn by models? What could be more perfect than combining the fashion week’s world with the bridal’s world?

This is exactly what happened last week in Barcelona, from April 20th to April 24th, 2022, named “Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 22-BBFW22″ It brought together two fantastic worlds where you are not only able to attend to beautiful fashion shows, but to also meet designers or to even try your future and dreamed bride dresses on by going to the trade show.


Fashion Shows

During this event you had the opportunity to see 32 fashions shows of bridal brands such as Sophie et voilà, Atelier Pronovias, Rosa Clará, Nicole Milano, Viktor & Rolf, Marco & Maria, and many other brands.

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 22-Fashion Shows

This experience is just amazing to watch, you can see from your own eyes all the details of these beautiful wedding dresses from the new collections. Moreover, the atmosphere during the fashion shows is fascinating because you not only have the stage of a runway, but also have all the decors and music that put you directly in a world of wonder. It also gives you a lot of ideas of what could be your future wedding dress, which can leave you in doubt because all these dresses are amazingly beautiful.


Trade Show

A few days after the fashion shows started, from April 21st to April 24th, the doors of the trade show were opened. This allowed you to take a closer look at the wedding dress of your dream. You could also try them on, make orders, see all the collections of a particular brand or just finding your future wedding dress. Although, you could not only discover bride dresses, but also cocktail/evening wear, the wedding suit for the groom, all the necessary accessories for the bride and its guests such as shoes/jewellery/hair accessories/etc.., or even clothes for the communion. In addition to see the wedding dresses from closer, you also can assist to private fashions shows to experience the newest collection, which were taking place on their own stand.

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 22-Trade Show


The App

Inqbarna is the one that has created the app for “BBFW Digital Experience”. While using this app during this bridal fashion week 2022, you had the opportunity to see the different fashion shows programmed, overview where the brands were located on the trade show, talking to designers, or looking at the various partners.

A few visitors of the BBFW22 were questioned about this app, for us to get feedback on it. Most of them were essentially using the app for the trade show because all the events of the fashion shows could be directly seen from the website of the fashion week. The feedbacks received from these users were very positive. The comments that came up the most often were that they loved the app because it was very interactive, you could directly see where the designers were positioned in the trade show, they also could directly talk with these designers, and they could see all the brands that were represented during the fashion shows. In overall, the app was very easy to use, creative and well designed.


If this intrigues you, you can go and download the app of “BBFW-Digital Experience” on App Store or Google Play, it is still available! And… we will probably see you next year at the BBFW for you to find the wedding dress of your dreams!


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