ASO & SEO: Chapter III

ASO & SEO: Chapter III

As you may know from the two previous chapters, this “Chapter III” will be the one that will reveal the last ASO element “the Conversion Rate”. With this chapter, you will have all the tools you need to create your app.


Conversion Rate

The Conversion Rate is the percentage of downloads of an app from users who desired to load that app. This informs us about the effectiveness of the ASO optimization. The main goal with the conversion rate is to have the highest conversion rate possible, this means that the product page is well worked and managed to convince a lot of visitors to download the app. However, they are three main factors that will influence the conversion rate such as the total and quality of this traffic, the visuals, and the average ratings.



ASO and SEO have a lot in common and are linked in many actions that users do. For instance, when researching for an app through the internet, you are thus using the SEO and ASO at the same time. One of the most important strategies for the SEO and ASO is the backlinks (link building). When adding links to your document, you must focus on the quality links instead of quantity, this will give you more visibility in Google mobile search for both IOS and Android apps. This will also allow your ASO to acquire a good position on Google Play Store or App Store.


In the last and final chapter, we will apply what we explained in the last three chapters to one of our app, “Sagrada Familia”. This case study, we hope, will help you understand better all the tools, which you will not forget to implement while creating your app.

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