ASO & SEO: Chapter II

ASO & SEO: Chapter II

After seeing the two first tools of the ASO, such as On-/Off-Metadata Factors, you will now know more in-depth about other necessary tools for the ASO. In “Chapter II”, you will learn about the Keywords Research, the Visual Assets, and the Ratings and Reviews, which are also essential when creating your app!!


Keywords Research

Keywords research could be defined as fundamental data that will help the decision making. They could be compared to the market study process with the purpose of knowing what the users will look at, regarding your product or the sector of your app. However, keyword research is harder than it seems. In fact, you need to pass through multiple steps:

  • Step 1: Investigate
  • Step 2: Prioritize
  • Step 3: Optimize
  • Step 4: Monitor
  • Step 5: Go back to Step 1, and start again


Visual Assets

The visual assets are the elements by which the users will recognize the app. Within the visual assets there are different factors that should be considered such as the icon, the screenshots, the feature graphics, and the video.

Because these visual assets have a very high impact on the success of the app, it is highly recommended and essential to put a lot of effort, time and work on the design, and the branding.


Ratings and Reviews

The ratings and the reviews are one of the most important ASO Off-Metadata factors because it is with these elements that users will download your app. By logic, the most excellent opinions you have, more downloads of your app you will receive. In other words, it is fundamental to take care of the product, to have a perfect design and a good strategy because without a good product you will obviously not get good ratings or reviews, which may put your app at risk. You must be aware of when is the ideal times to ask users to review your app, this can change the opinion of the user. For instance, instead of giving you a good rating as he planned to, he will put a bad rating because you asked him to evaluate your app way too fast.

In contrast, with the reviews, you will be able to detect if there is something that need to be changed in your app. Users are also suggesting innovation ideas for your app, which it is worth considering them because sometimes they could even upgrade your app.

Regarding the reviews that your users will leave your app, it is highly recommended that you respond to them in a very personalized way. Moreover, be aware of the language and form you use to ask for our users to rate or feedback your app. Lastly, negative comments are the ones that you should focus the more one because it is with this one that you might boost your app.

What you should keep in mind to receive positive reviews and good rating about your app, there are four fundamentals:

  1. You must have a good product with good strategy and an appealing design.
  2. You should be sure to not publish an app with bugs.
  3. Always manage the dissatisfaction of the users with a personalized and direct response.
  4. While asking your users to leave a rating or a review, make sure you use the correct form and language, which will improve their experience through the app.


Now, most of the tools have been presented to you. However, there are still the Convertion Rate and the SEO Visibility that has to be given to you, which you need to wait until the next chapter to learn  about them… With Chapter III, you will finally have all the tools that you need to know regarding the ASO!

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