Yaap Money

Micro-Payment platform

With Yaap Money Inqbarna stepped into the mobile banking platforms. Yaap was the first mobile money transfer platform in Spain. It was created in a join-venture by the 3 biggest corporations in Spain: Santander, La Caixa & Telefónica.

Yaap Money allowed you to transfer money easily to your friends and acquaintances for lunch, taxi, trips, gifts and every day-to-day expenses when you gather with your friends.


The best payment method for your group of friends

Whenever you hang out with your friends, you are going to spend some money, let’s face it! Yaap Money was Spain’s first app focused in micro-payments, the best way for young people to pay for their expenses.


Simple & Elegant


Unlimited use cases


Pay or request money?

… that’s the question! Yaap Money is so easy to use, that this is the only question you need to answer: are you going to pay a friend or are your friends going to pay you back for that dinner or taxi you took last night?


Transferring money between smartphones has never been so easy!