Bringing the DJ experience to every music lover out there!

Splyce is our greatest hit so far. It is our own music app, and it has been awarded by Apple and United Nations. Yes, a great honor, so let’s unveil the secrets behind this app.

Splyce is a music player with auto-mix, that allows you to create awesome playlists and it will mix the songs for you as if you were an actual DJ without any music knowledge. Sounds great, ah? Then wait until you connect the app with the Philips hue led lights to synchronize music and lighting with some crazy effects pre-loaded. With Splyce you will throw the party of your life!

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Music player with automix for the playlist of your life!


Select the rhythm of the music or let the app help you create awesome playlists.


State of the art design & powerful music engine fully developed by our engineers.


Think about a modern jukebox with the ability of mixing on its own. Al that is represented in Splyce’s icon  😉


Colorful & Powerful!


A great tool to experience the new MOBILE ERA OF MUSIC


Apple’s “Best of App Store 2013”
United Nations’ World Summit Awards 2014