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Mundo Deportivo is the main sports Newspaper in Catalunya, the sports channel of Grupo Godó, the group behind La Vanguardia, Rac1 & Rac105 among other media channels.

This was a big challenge for the Inqbarna Team as it is an app with hundreds of thousands of users, so everything should flow perfectly. And it did, of course. We manage to deliver a great product that allow Mundo Deportivo to increase their reach and take the best out of the mobile ecosystem.

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The oldest and most historical sport newspaper in Spain

Mundo Deportivo first release goes back to 1906 and now is adapting its quality sports information to the digital era. Inqbarna is proud partner of Grupo Godó and this time you can see the evolution of Mundo Deportivo iOS and Android apps that were released days before 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


Colors that sintetize honest and quality information


Available for every iOS & Android device.

As a mass media, it’s very important to reach every single device out there. For both smartphones and tablets, Mundo Deportivo offers news, columns and some of the best stories based in sports, with special focus on FC Barcelona info. Nothing can happen to Messi, Neymar or Iniesta that Mundo Deportivo won’t let their readers know.


Always updated with PUSH notifications


Sport stars everywhere!

In Mundo Deportivo app you can check info about International sports, standings, ranks and many more. Just search for your favorite sport or player and get ready to get the latest info on that topic.


Multi-device for a great mobile experience!

Stay always up-to-date no matter if you are connecting on the go through your smartphone or more calmly with your tablet. Sports info is always ready for you.