Tools & insurance management

It is not an easy challenge to develop an app for an insurance company, as they are usually not the most user-friendly companies. In the other hand is true that they are the ones that step up whenever you are in trouble. And that was the challenge this time.

At MGS app you will find a combination of tools for drivers, a wizard in case you need to report an accident and management for your insurance policies.

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Assistance on the road for drivers!


Elegance + Formal


Attention to details


Wireframing is key

In such a big project, you need to have a plan to be able to handle the development. For every feature we have developed in MGS’ app, we have created a brief to determine the scope and details of the development.


Maps: we know they are important for drivers


MGS app provides a great experience within the smartphone for those who need MGS’ services wherever they are