La Lanzadera by Atrápalo

The perfect app to help you choose your next holidays destination

Awesome project the one that we faced with Atrápalo for a new concept of flight and holidays reservation.

After a few meetings where they briefed us with all their insights (remember that Atrápalo is a 300 employees company with a turnover of 330M € in 2015 operating in Spain, Mexico and South America mainly), they wanted to develop a new approach to buying tickets online. But they wanted our opinion through the whole process, and that is such a great thing to hear.

So after a nice brainstorm, we decided that there were plenty of apps for selling tickets, but none of them were smart enough to guide users (travellers) to discover new destinations based on their budget, and not just trying to get the lowest fares to a destination you have to previously enter. So that was the main point of the app, offering a new point of view when it comes to buying your flight tickets and hotel bookings.

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 Tired of getting offers for the same destinations over and over again?

La Lanzadera let’s you search for your dream trip where you select a specific destination or an area, and the app will return you the cheapest options to book your flights, hotels, flight+hotel and car rental at your destination. A powerful tool to find the perfect destination that best suits your wallet!


 Awesome onboarding that will guide you through the first search to make sure you understand how to use the app in a cool & effortless way.


Helpful colors. Every element in the app has a purpose. Colors on destination pins refer to a price range to help you identify the perfect destination.


Conceptualization is key!

First a great idea and then try bringing that idea into mobile screens. Mockups helped to analize the project from the user point of view


Wireframes to have a first feeling of the app!

We are all eager to feel how the app will look, so wireframing will give us a sneak peak of the real app before it is programmed. We started testing usability and made some fine tuning with these wireframes before we started coding. We tend to think of wireframing as a crucial part of a project.


PUSH notifications have made a great impact in terms of reservations, active users and returning visitors. Key to success!


La Lanzadera, the smartest way to travel!