The smartest way to eat out!

Edenred and their most known brand Ticket Restaurant is a huge service in Spain to manage the expenses of employees when eating out. It is a great service for the 3 subjects involved: the employee, the company and the restaurant. Each one of them get unique advantages with Edenred. It’s a win-win…clever business!

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Working for you every day

With Edenred you can check all your movements in your different accounts, check your balance and where and when you expent the money in each of your accounts. You can even cancel your loyalty cards. Are you sure you want to do that?


Easy and relax life-style

Eating is one of the great pleasures we have in life. Edenred makes it super-easy to select the best restaurants near you and pay them with no cash. Go to your every-day favorite or just try a new style close to your work. With Edenred, choosing the right place and paying have been made the easiest things of your day.


Geolocation is key

When developing Edenred, the most important feature for users is to find a place near your office or in the area where you will attend a meeting. The app is build with geolocation in its core, displaying relevant content for every user of the app


Available for iOS & Android users

As a big brand, Edenred aims to reach as many users as possible so they have developed both native apps to make sure anyone with a smartphone can take the best out of the app.


Over 350.000 users benefit from Edenred only in Spain

With over 65.000 affiliated venues


Shopping with no money!

Isn’t it magic?! Try Edenred’s new products:

Ticket Transporte

Ticket Guardería

Ticket Regalo