Where art collections must be!

This awesome art project is run from New York to the world and Inqbarna has the privilege of providing their mobile technologies. Acquired by Christie’s during 2015, Collectrium happens to settle the tech standard for art collections & collectors, supplying a tool for all those who want to manage their collections at any time, every day, everywhere.

If you are an art lover, then Collectrium’s platform is the place to be!

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Collectors always in mind


Web & mobile platform


Focus on usability


For smartphones & tablets

If you want to get the best experience try Collectrium on your iPad or Android tablet. But if you need to check something on the fly, then the smartphone will be your best ally.


Wireframes for a better mobile experience

The wireframing process is key when trying to bring down to earth a complex project. Collectrium is a big mobile project so we delivered a full set of wireframes for a better comprehension of the full project. And although is a tough work at the beginning, it pays off in the long run.

Now, every new development implies wireframing for a better comprehension.


Your collection always with you