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hay trafico ombra

Bored of getting trapped in traffic while going to work? Going on holidays and wanting to check the best option to get to your destiny.

With hayTráfico you will be able to check the traffic status of the main cities in Spain, as well as the main roads, and decide the best route to take. 



Traffic in your city right now!

hayTráfico shows you traffic images from cities: Almería, Barcelona, Bilbao, Chiclana, Huelva, Madrid, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santander, Sevilla, Toledo and Valencia (we are working to add more cities to the list)

Over 1400 images available

A total of around 1400 images available to you in just few taps!

New cams are added automatically without needing to update hayTráfico. If you can't find the cams of your city in hayTráfico, send us an email and we'll make our best to add them.

NOTE: hayTráfico shows static images (not live video) provided by different public entities (DGT, council, etc…)


Images frequently updated

Images are updated frequently, but InQBarna can not guarantee the availability of real time data. Average update time is 30 minutes..

Avoid traffic jams!

If you're moving through Spain by car, you might want this application to avoid traffic Jams.

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