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Live a whole new experience around your music with Splyce, your iPhone music player.

Splyce for iPhone is born to enhance your music experience. A beautiful and easy-to-use app that will work for you and will help you throw the best parties you have ever imagined. Audio & visual effects synchronized to make your experience even better.


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Select your favorite music

This is the first step to enter a new way of enjoying your own music. Select the music or playlist you want to play from your device. 

Order it (we'll help you)

And from now on Splyce will guide you to help you get the maximum out of your music. The app will show the BPM's (beats per minute) on every song to order ir properly. You can do it on your own or select the auto-mode. 

Play it

Click the play button and start enjoying Splyce! It's really that simple, complexity lies on its powerful music engine.

splyce web 2Auto-mix 

With its audiomagical powers, Splyce will dive you into the DJ world. You can select the mixing mode and the duration of the mix, that's all you need to set to feel the power of mixing.

Visual effects

Everything on Splyce is about design. Very visual app, you can select the colors, every tempo of a song has its own tone and you can play with the flashlight

Philips Hue led lights

And if all these visual effects weren't enough, you can also connect the app to the Philips Hue led lights and see how the lights follow the rhythm of the music! See an example here


“I just purchased the update and I can see the improvement from the older version. Love the different mixing modes instead of only one at a time. Keeps the mix interesting. Great job!”


Sirus? XM?

“This app I have been waiting for. It makes my playlist music more exciting. Will be using this music app more than the normal iPod player from my iPhone. Simple mixer that'll make all the difference. Great designed app. Love it.”

I have been waiting for an app like this!!



Ideal for people who want to mix songs without needing any actual djing skills. Very simple and super easy to use




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